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Golden Bear is a company serving the San Francisco Bay Area, greater Los Angeles, and interstate moves throughout the United States and Mexico. We can handle all your moving needs, from an office, an auction house, electronics and home moves. Our personel is trainned to take care of your belongings and make sure they arrive safe at their final destination.

We understand that moving is a complex and traumatic event for a company – and your business can't afford to be closed or disrupted during the process. That's why you can count on Golden Bear Moving to spend time to understand your unique requirements and concerns. We work with you every step of the way to develop a plan that meets your specific needs.

At Golden Bear Moving, we take the time to explain all of the steps involved with your move, and we clearly define who does what, when. We make site visits to your current and new locations and work with your proposed floor plans to ensure your new layout will work. We spend time interviewing and briefing your employees to ensure their full participation and cooperation.

We handle all of the details – from getting the certificates of insurance to working with the building management at both locations. It is Golden Bear Movings' attention to detail that eliminates costly surprises and delays. Our movers are experienced in disassembling and reassembling major modular work spaces. Great care is also given to ensure the property is not damaged during move-out or move-in. We can also totally unpack and set up your office in the new location according to the floor plan.

At Golden Bear Moving we are also concerned about the environment so we provide plastic bins for every move. There is no need to use (and pay for) cheap cardboard boxes. Let's save a tree!



  • Frank Gardner Gallery
    Oil paintings of mexican and american themes. Lanscapes, street scenes painted by internationally collected artist.
  • Portal San Miguel
    San Miguel de Allende is a city and municipality located in the far eastern part of the state of Guanajuato in central Mexico.

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BEFORE RAIDING A DEAD DOTCOM, Mario Ortiz sometimes has to give his movers a pep talk. The owner of Golden Bear Moving and Storage in San Mateo knows he and his employees have an unpleasant task ahead of them. Often, employees of the failed dotcom don't even know that they're out of a job when Ortiz and his men come in to gather up all the servers, computers, desks, cabinets, mouse pads, fax machines, phones, paper clips and Post Its. read more